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3 Tips On How To Ease Into Going Green.

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The views of health and green lifestyle are that of the author and are intended for entertainment purposes only. 

Going Green is the Thing.

 It may seem overwhelming to find ways to “go green” or “greener” but here at Dancing Tree Gifts we wanted to give you a few tips and tricks, and yes products,  that will make living a sustainable life not only easy but enjoyable. 

But first here are 3 benefits of Going Green. 

One: Chemical Free.

That’s right, getting rid of harsh chemicals that have slowly snuck into our everyday lives.

It’s in  body wash, hand soap, clothing detergent, lotion, toys, towels, the list goes on. Living around and having chemicals in and on our bodies everyday, I believe, is not conducive to healthy living.

For me this was an easy switch to make. My hair is happier, my skin is happier, and my home actually smells cleaner.

No harsh chemicals covered up by stomach turning perfumes. I like believing that my home is a safe haven from the world and that my family is safer and healthier being in a greener home.

Are we perfect at living green? Not yet, but we are trying and making progress little by little. 

Two:Sustainability and Innovation.

I know this word gets thrown around a lot so let’s define it a little bit. By sustainable I mean a product that is not using any non-renewable natural resource.

This is important to me.

However, I also understand that the science community is still learning which resources are truly renewable, and there are more innovations everyday to make our lives greener.

Like water bottles made from biodegradable plastic. So cool! It’s not common yet, but I hope that this type of innovation will eventually be the new status quo. 

Three: Easy on the Environment.

I believe as the dominant species on this planet, aside from mosquitos, we ought to be responsible stewards.

This means cleaning up after ourselves and leaving a place better than we found it. Unfortunately, this fairly modern idea of conservitive living hasn’t always been the case and we have a lot of cleaning up to do.

By going green we can try to limit our negative impact on the environment. This then helps to conserve our wildlife both on the land and in the water. It also helps to ensure drinkable water and contaminant free foods for ourselves.

‘Cause let’s be real, we are as much a part of this planet as every other living species. And since we depend on the planet to sustain our lives, we should definitely do what we can to keep our mother Earth healthy. 

Get the picture. 

While not an all encompassing list, it helps to illustrate the need for us to all consider living a greener lifestyle. 

And lucky for us, going green has been around long enough that it’s not only possible but fairly easy to jump into. 

But jumping into a green lifestyle may sound a little daunting so here are some simple tips to embrace green. 

Tip One: Ease into it. 

When starting a new lifestyle it is normal to want to dive in head first but for most of us this can be cost prohibitive. Which can be so frustrating when you’ve made the decision to act. 

Instead of giving away or throwing out your unused straws and plastic wrap keep using them. 

Then when you need more of something, like straws or plastic wrap, you can buy the reusable option you’ve set your heart, and budget on. 

Suppliers like Simply Straws are a great place to look when easing into your new lifestyle. 

Tip Two: Subscriptions Make Magic

Subscription boxes are an awesome way to go green. They are a budget friendly way to slowly transform your home and lifestyle into one that is sustainable and eco-friendly. 

How do they help? Well let me tell you.

 Subscription boxes help get you started by sending you what you need little by little to help transform your life. Need new skin products, a new toothbrush, or a book to help get you started? Subscription boxes. 

Need environmentally friendly kid activities that meet your goals of living and learning? Subscription boxes. 

You name it they got it, which is why we have our Green Subscription Boxes shop. We’ve selected companies whose goals align with our own. But don’t take my word for it. Check them out, read their about pages, and if the shoe fits, dive right in! 

Tip Three: Don’t forget your pets. 

Choosing a green lifestyle for yourself and your family is important but it’s also important to ensure that our pets have a healthy lifestyle too.

Vet bills can be very expensive so it only makes sense to spend a little bit more now than to spend a lot later. Just like us they need food and cleaning products that are chemical free. 

Our Green Pets shop is the perfect place to start your green pet adventure. With quality products by quality companies. 

And just as an aside, the odor repelling dog poop bags work really well as diaper bags on the go. 

Go Forth and Go Green

Going green is a journey not a destination. There will always be things that we as individuals can do to improve ourselves and our planet. As the saying goes, when you know better you do better. 

In many ways we know better. That’s why companies like 4Ocean exist. They work to clean the oceans and are using the plastics they find by turning them into textile products. 

Simply Straws seek to rid the world of harmful disposable straws with their sustainable glass and stainless steel straws. And bonus, they’re customizable.  

So many companies have arisen out of the green movement that we can see it’s more than just a passing fad but a lifestyle of love. 

A love of ourselves and our well being as well as a love for the planet that we, and hundreds of thousands of creatures, call home. 

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