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5 Amazing Things We’ve Learned About Mother Earth

Disclaimer: The thoughts and views are those of the author. This post is for entertainment purposes only. 

Spring Really Is The Best Time…

To celebrate our Earth, and Celebrate our one year anniversary as Dancing Tree Gifts! 

This world on which we live is so beautiful and full of variety. It is our home and we like to keep it clean and alive.

Which is why we at Dancing Tree Gifts are dedicated to keeping it that way. And we recognize that sometimes Earth needs our help.

 Like after devastating forest fires. Sure in time she can and will heal. But we can help speed up the process by protecting our ecosystem. 

As we are getting closer to mother’s day, what better day to than today, to celebrate our Mother Earth. 

Here Are 5 Things We’ve Learned This Last Year

Awesome Aspens 

Grove of Aspen Trees

Aspens are awesome? I hear you ask. I mean we all know how pretty they are. Inspiring hundreds of artists around the country if not more. 

But yes, they are amazing. Aspen groves are all clones of one mother tree, and it’s actually the root system that controls the spread of the aspen. 

They are the widest spread trees in North America and the oldest grove is in Fishlake National Forest in Utah and it has a name. Pando. And Pando is estimated by scientists to be around 80,000 years old. 

Now that’s pretty Awesome! 

You can read more Here. 

Chechém and Chaka

Chechen and Chaka tree picks

Mother Earth is a constant lesson of opposition in all things. And as often found, where there is a toxin, she has also supplied an antidote. 

Such is the case with the Chechem and Chaka trees. And the best part, they grow right by each other. 

One has black sap and highly toxic oils that permeate every part of the tree. The other has anti-inflammatory properties helping to neutralize the effects of it’s toxic brother. 

They grow in the West Indies and Central America and like many things in mother nature they have a fascinating history and even a Myan myth explaining why they have their contradictory properties. 

To learn more click Here

Rainbow Eucalyptus 

Rainbow Eucalyptus tree zoomed in on the colorful bark

You probably think I’m pulling your leg on this one but I’m not. This Eucalyptus turns rainbow colors as it’s bark falls off. 

Bright greens that fade to shades orange, maroon, purple, and even blue. 

This tree looks painted and makes me wish I lived in a climate where it could thrive. And a yard to put it in. Small details, I know, but important. 

Eucalyptus has many benefits, especially in the essential oil biz. Not only does it have healing properties, but it smells so good. 

Just diffuse a few drops in a water diffuser and let the scent fill your home. 

But if you’re curious as to How this tree could be rainbow colored, click here and I’ll show you.

Freaky Weather Patterns

Spring flower frozen in ice

This last February we experienced an unusual cold spell. Unusual for its reach and duration. It lasted around a week and reached as far south as Houston Texas. 

It brought snow and ice to places and peoples that were ill prepared for such intense winter weather. Unfortunately people did die as a result of this storm, and a lot of damage to structures occurred. 

Mother Nature is amazing and beautiful. But at times she can be unpredictable and fierce, and can strike with minimal or no warning.

 I jokingly say she’s old and just going through menopause. What with the hot flashes, cold sweats, mood swings. 

Our mainstream media and scientists call it climate change, but I submit our poor mother nature is going through menopause. But then, I do believe she is a living organism with a soul, and I believe she is female, hence the mood swings (or unpredictable weather patterns). 

Scientists are trying to find a way to arrest these unpredictable moods or our dear Mother Earth. 

Personally I’m just gonna plan for the worst, prepare as best I can, and try to stay out of her way when she’s in a bad mood

We Need Our Mother Earth

man sitting on cliff with sun and clouds in the distance

So often we think of nature as something separate from human beings. But if we are not apart of nature, then what are we? 

We are not separate from our world. We have intimate links to her. Jut look at an image of lungs vs that of trees. Our fingerprint are similar to tree rings, and the saline content in our blood is similar to that of most oceans. 

In many ways people are a walking embodiment of nature. 

So why do we work so hard to separate ourselves? 

More and more doctors are recommending nature therapy to their patience. They are starting to recognize the intimate connection we have to our Earth, and that spending time outdoors, feeling the sun, breathing the air, and touching the plants and ground, has physical and mental health benefits. 

Let’s Get Out Into Nature

On this Earth Day I hope we all remember not only how amazing the Earth is, but how much we need her. She provides us with all we have and all we need to live and thrive. 

Which is why we are doing our best to help her through conservation efforts. Ten percent of all proceeds go to planting trees in our national forests. 

I invite you to visit our shops and purchase some awesome stuff knowing you are not only getting high quality items at a bargain price, but you are also helping to restore our national forests. 

Thanks for all you do and for you amazing support during this, our first year, as a nature loving small business. We hope to have many years to come working with you and healing our Earth. 

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