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5 Things To Help Replenish Your Mind, Body, And Soul.

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Dancing Tree Gifts isn’t just about awesome jewelry

We’re about focusing on those things that bring healing to the mind, body, and soul.

Self-Care in our busy culture is vastly underrated. And I’m not talking about long days at a spa, though those are nice too.

I’m talking about the small simple things we can do each day to replenish ourselves and help us to be better in all aspects of our life.

Here are five things you can do to help heal and replenish your mind, body, and soul.

#1 Make Time for You Each Morning

Before you start your day take time to be still and think about three things for which you are grateful.

Then write down your goals for the day. Keep them realistic, it’s easy to overreach. 

Next, take a deep breath and dive into your day with renewed vigor.

#2 Connect with Nature

This one is so simple yet so impactful. This could be as simple as having a house plant such as a bonsai, bamboo, or aloe.

Touch the plants leaves each day.

Go for a walk, if possible, walk in some grass bare footed. Or walk among some trees, preferably old healthy ones.

If this isn’t possible still go outside breathe in the air.

Focus on everything nature has created and realize you are apart of this amazing world.

#3 Move Your Body

In our sedentary lifestyle of working at desks, riding public transit, or driving, it’s easy to forget the need to move.

Take a ten minute walk

Take a five minute stretching break.

If you’re feeling anxious do some jumping jacks or pushups. The pressure on your muscles along with the release of energy will help settle your nerves, by getting you to breathe deeply and getting your blood flowing.

Movement also releases endorphins which helps you to feel happier.

So move and be happy.

#4 Do Simple Acts of Service

Serving others helps us to get out of our own headspace.

It’s easy to get trapped in our own negative thought patterns, so break out of this by focusing on someone else in seemingly unimportant ways such as.

  • Helping your partner with a chore they don’t like.
  • Bringing someone a drink of water.
  • Sharing some gum with a friend or colleague.
  • Smiling: You never know who needs a smile or what it means to that person.

Let your beautiful self shine and smile!

#5 Relax Before Bed

Just like you need to start your day with some quiet alone time. Try ending your day in a similar fashion.

Spend time reviewing the day focusing on at least one thing you are grateful for that happened that day.

Stretch out any stress from the day. Again, movement is so important. So stretch and twist the stress out of your muscles.

If something didn’t happen or your day got derailed, remind yourself it’s okay. Our days rarely go as we planned, what’s important is you did your best and that’s all anyone can ask of you.

Each Day is a New Day.

A new day means a new you. A new chance to learn and grow and be with the ones we love.

So move, serve, and focus on gratitude. Feed your mind, body, and soul with the best things in life.

This will help to replenish your mental, emotional, and physical stores.

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After more than a decade in education I decided to turn my copious skills to writing. I have been freelance writing for Dancing Tree Gifts (formerly Sonora Kay Creations) since 2019. I wear many hats with DTG primarily copy editor, author, and web design.