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7 Fantastic Flowers For The Fourth of July Celebrations

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Ready, Steady...Go

It’s that time of year again. 

Time for block parties, barbeques, cold drinks, snow cones, ice cream trucks, and fireworks!

Ahh, fireworks … carefully crafted bombs that explode into bright arrangements in the sky. Almost like flowers bursting open. 

Yes. Our beautiful nation’s Independence Day on July 4 is just around the corner. 

Which got me thinking. 

Are there any plants or flowers that stand for freedom? 

Answer: Of course there are!

Not just freedom, but hope for a better future, and justice. Which is what being independent is all about. 

Top 7 Flowers That Symbolize Freedom. 

1. Freesia


These colorful beauties are a symbol of freedom. They come in a variety of colors, and smell amazing. This makes them one of the most popular flowers world wide. What’s more, you can weave them into crowns and pass them out as party favors, adding a nice fragrant twist to your celebrations. 

2. Tulips


Ah the tulip, it has so many meanings with freedom being one of them. Originally a wildflower native to Persia, the tulip now has more than 1,700 species. After WWII Holland, the largest producers of tulips, shipped thousands of tulips to Ottawa to thank Canada for freeing their country from German Occupation.

3. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise

Need a boost of optimism, then this tropical plant is perfect for you. When this flower is in full bloom it almost looks like a colorful bird spreading its wings to fly, so no wonder it represents freedom. Not only that but it represents beauty and good perspective. Something we all need when embracing our own independence. 

4. The Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Initially this small Middle Eastern wildflower was fragrantless, but after being mixed and matched the modern yellow rose has the sweet smell of freedom. This flower can be offered singly or in a bouquet, which will brighten any arrangement. 

5. Guernsey Lily

Guernsey Lily

Symbolizing both freedom and good fortune, these beautiful blooms look like little fireworks in a vase. Available in a full spectrum of colors allows you to arrange them anyway you like, for any celebration. 

6. Black-Eyed Susan

black eyed Susan

These fun and festive flowers are a holiday favorit for many, and it’s no wonder. They represent justice, which is a core tenant of a free people. 

7. Edelweiss


If this flower’s name makes you want to sing then you’re not alone, I’ve been humming the namesakes song this entire time. The gentil star shaped flower looks like the stars of the American flag and represents strength and courage. So when building your holiday centerpiece be sure to sprinkle in a little Edelweiss. 


Liberty, Courage, and Kindness

Isn’t it so interesting that something as delicate and fragile as a flower can have such in depth meaning and strength? 

Unfortunately, tyranny still abounds in the world, along with horrible and corrupt people trying to oppress others. It can be disheartening to watch the news or even read the click bait headlines. 

However, there is still hope. 

Although bad news gets the ratings, good news and acts of kindness abound. Everyday I find good news both in nature and among people.

Beautiful acts of service, unity, and love are there, you just have to look a little bit harder to find them sometimes. 

Like the flowers above we can be a symbol of beauty, strength, and freedom in our own personal lives. 

Comment below on your favorite Independence Day tradition and if a certain flower will find its way into your activities. 

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