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Amazing Amethyst and Your Energy

J​anuary is nearing its end and February is fast approaching, and yet it feels like the New Years ball in Time Square dropped only yesterday.

Heck, it feels like I just left home to go to college and yet that was more than twenty years ago.

T​ime certainly flies while we’re having fun, or living our busy lives.

B​ut since we’re having this little tête-à-tête let’s dive into the favorite February Birthstone…

Its vibrational resonance makes it a powerful crystal to be used by those who understand the vibrations of life.

A​s we’ve discussed in earlier posts, all life is matter and energy. This includes people as well.

We are all, wonderful, and complex energetic beings. And this energy which allows us to interact beneficially with objects in nature.

I​t’s no small wonder that traditional healing practices understood the vibrational energy of all matter and used them in their healing techniques.

I call all natural or homeopathic healing “traditional” as that is the root to all healing practices.

The more allopathic nature of medicine now doesn’t always give credence to the healing power of the elemental forces found in nature.

B​ut we’re not going to worry about all that.

Instead, I’m going to go ahead with an understanding that you are one of the enlightened crew and you understand the vibrational energies of the universe, and you know how to put those energies to work for you.

A Stone For Powerful Spiritual Awareness

amethyst ornament tree of life

S​o you want to become more spiritually aware, decrease geopathic stress, or increase your connection to health and well-being?

Or you need a bit of help to calm an overactive mind and sleeping soundly at night.

I know I’m guilty of this last one.

W​ell, like lavender is a one hit healing wonder of an herb, its colorful counterpart amethyst is as handy to have around.

It’s geode, which is one of the prettiest around if you ask me, can help to balance and cleanse the energies found in any room.

This comes in pretty handy if you have a roommate who brings in bad energies, you suffer from nightmares, or need help to cleanse an area for better mediation.

Yes, I said meditation. (gasp)

And I’m not talking about the yogi practice. I’m talking about any deep thinking, pondering, or contemplative practice that we all engage in.

Yet, amethyst is perfect for helping to raise your vibrations so you can make clear-headed decisions. It helps you to focus on the positive and connects you to the love of the Divine.

Place As Appropriate

Amehtyst February Birthstone Tree of Life Pendant12

B​ecause it’s such a powerful stone Amethyst can be placed anywhere on the body.

It makes exquisite earrings and necklaces, and is particularly beneficial when worn over the heart or throat chakras.

A​s a physical healing agent against dis-ease, few can compare to the amethyst. It can connect ones mental, emotional, and physical bodies with the spiritual one and cleanses the aura. To facilitate with an aura cleanse you can wear or place it on the chakras mentioned above, use an amethyst point, or an amethyst wand.

D​id she say wand?

Yes, lots of stones come in wand shape and have multiple applications. Though I feel pretty magical waving my wands around, remember there is the science of vibration behind crystal usage and not “magic.”

Not surprising you can u​se the stone raw or polished, though raw it can have sharp edges, so if you’re going to wear it I would recommend polished.

Yet the raw chevron shape has its benefits as it can be used to both draw energy into one’s body, or draw negative energy out of one’s body. And the less negative energy in our bodies the better.

I​f you are looking to connect to a higher spiritual plane place the amethyst on your third eye chakra.

Amethyst makes beautiful meditation objects and home decor, but you want to avoid placing it in direct sunlight as it will fade.

T​ake One With You

Feb tree Amethyst

F​or most of my life February felt like a long month, which is ironic cause it’s the shortest month out of the year. Maybefor this reason amethyst got assigned to that particular month. Those born in the cold winter month that makes one impatience for spring, needed a little healing boost.

In addition, there is a holiday, which will go nameless here, that brings many people joy and others pain.

Good thing amethyst can help boos ones natural affections while coming to terms with loss.

A​nd on that happy note, let me remind you that we have pendants created with quality amethyst bead chips, and also home decor.

Not to mention the fact that you can have any custom item made with this beautiful stone. This allows you to take your healing energies anywhere in the world. No rocks in the pockets, or wands in the bag that could get lost.

N​o sir.

Instead, you can wear your amethyst close to your heart, hang it by your bed at night to keep the nightmares at bay, or carry with you on those business trips.

Because if any room needs cleansing of bad energies, it’s most hotel rooms.

C​lick the button below to check out our amazing amethyst collection and order your handmade item today.

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