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Commonly Powerful Vibrations and You

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As stated previously, all things are matter, whether solid, liquid, or gas.
It is all matter.
Moreover, all matter is energy, all energy vibrates, and all vibrations have a frequency.
In addition, scientists have been able to measure the vibrational frequency of solids, liquids, and gasses.
This is one thing I learned in my junior high science class.
They also measured the vibration of brain waves, or thoughts, as well as the energy emitted by bodies.

The Connection Between Science, Nature, and Art. 

Understanding the energy, vibration, and frequency relationship gives us a better understanding of our world.
For example, as energetic beings humans are drawn to different items in nature.
By nature, I don’t mean things that are organically created by the Earth, but all creations.
Whether by man or nature. All creations vibrate.
  • Birds create nests, some even decorate.
  • Rabbits create warrens to to shelter and protect themselves and their young.
  • People have the capacity to create all areas of their environment.
  • Including the art found in it.
Isn’t it interesting that the art most valued is derived from items found in nature.
That is why at Dancing Tree Gifts the art is not only inspired in nature but uses many elements found therein.

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Natures Vibrations

Everything in nature vibrates, the animals, people, the trees, shrubs, insects, flowers, rocks, stones, crystals.
However, the way our minds interpret these individual vibrations is through pictures and words.
For instance, we look at an object and consider it’s molecular density and we identify that vibrational energy with a word.
Such as… a rock.
The example “Rock” places a picture in ones mind.
But there are all kinds of rocks. Here’s a quick list and I’ll bet you can picture each one:
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Semi-precious gemstones
  • Crystals,
  • Precious gemstones etc. 
And just so you know, all these “rocks” vibrations resonate with us at different levels, and at different times. Which affects us on a molecular level, affecting our own vibrational frequencies. 

 Commonly Powerful Vibrations 

Some items in nature are attributed with some of the most powerful vibrations are crystals.
Such as semi-precious gemstones, crystal formations, precious gemstones, crystal blends (both natural and man made).
Consider the Garnet. This gemstone is commonly found, but has a high vibrational energy. 

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Garnet comes in many shades, although red is the best known.
What I love about the Garnet is that it is:
powerfully energizing and regenerating” according to the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.


  • It can cleans and revitalize all the chakras and regenerates the DNA.
  • Attributed with inspiring one with courage and hope in plain hopeless situations
  • It is considered to be great to have in a crisis.
  • Square-cut garnets are considered lucky in business matters.
These are a few of the common attributes of this mighty gem.

High Variety

To conclude, here are just a sampling of the variety and attributes to Garnets. 
  • Almandine Garnet- brings strength and stamina
  • Andradite – brings creativity and attracts what you most need
  • Grossularite- great to have during challenges, such as lawsuits
  • Hessonite- encourages self-respect, expelling feelings of insecurity
  • Melanite- promotes honesty
  • Pyrope- promotes high quality of life
  • Rhodolite-stimulates contemplation and protects the base chakra
  • Spessartite- desire to help others
  • Uvarovite- stimulates the heart chakra and promotes individuality
  • Red Garnet– represents love, controls anger, and enhances sexuality.
Now that’s what I like to call a well rounded stone. (Pun intended. LOL)
So dive into the world of Garnets. CLICK HERE to check out our awesome garnet collection.
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