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Crystals That Manifest Independence In Your Life

Disclaimer: The content in this post is for entertainment only. The thoughts and opinions are those of the author. If in need of any healing, whether body or mind, please seek the advice of a certified practitioner. 

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Rocks and Crystals and Stones… Oh My! 

Recently I wrote about using semi-precious stones and crystals in memorial gardens to enhance healing and remembrance. 

But did you know that stones can represent so much more? 

Crystal Healing is an ancient artform that attributes energetic and vibrational properties to all things in nature, including crystals, precious and semi-precious stones, and others that many deem as rock. 

And these colorful stones go perfectly with our bombs bursting in air and our patriotic floral arrangements. 

Wait… Who’s Your Source. 

When it comes to crystal healing there is so much to understand and study. There are a plethora of resources but unless otherwise specified I use the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. I find her books to be comprehensive, complete with color photos packed with information on each stone. She also dives into other aspects of how to use crystals to balance chakras, heal repressed energies, etc. 

Most of which are topics for another day. 

5 Crystals With Independence In Their Makeup 

1. Ruby

raw rubies in bowl and white table

If ever there was a symbol for independence, Ruby is it. This passionate stone helps to invigorate the mind and one’s passion for life. It aides in a courageous state of mind and powerful leadership. 

This stone encourages one to “follow their bliss” and remove negative energies from their life. 

If that doesn’t spell independence and freedom seeker, I don’t know what does.  

Possible Negative Side Effects: This stone may overstimulate in delicate and irritable people. 

Position: Best place to wear this is at your heart, finger, or ankle. You can also add raw ruby stones to your rock garden or as decorations around the home. 

2. Sunstone

raw sunstone on white background

This gentle stone is like a frozen ray of sunshine. Not surprising at it’s name given it’s golden orange coloring. This stone is a gentle way to restore and clear all the chakras, in that way it’s a good place for a beginner in crystal work to start. 

It removes feelings of codependency by facilitating self-empowerment and independence. 

And unlike it’s fiery friend the Ruby, there are no potentially ill side effects of this powerful stone. 

Position:  You can hold or wear your sunstone in any place that feels beneficial to you. It is most effective when used in the sunlight.  

3. Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl on dark background, polished and cut

“Beryl teaches you how to do only that which you need to do.” I love this quote. It sums up this stone in an amazingly simple way. Beryl gives one focus by opening and activating the crown and solar plexus chakras. 

Beryl comes in many colors and Golden Beryl specifically is often used as seer stones. It is able to promote initiative and independence. It helps one focus on what needs to be done to succeed. 

Position: Place as appropriate on the body or in the room. Placed on the crown or solar plexus chakras to open these chakras. 

4. Lepidolite

Polished lepidolite on white background

“…insists on being used for the highest good.” I can think of no higher good than a free and independent person and homeland. This stone encourages transition and facilitates independence and achieving goals without outside help. It does this by helping one to focus only on that which is important, filtering out any unnecessary noise. 

Position: Place or wear as appropriate. 

5. Zoisite

zoisite on white background

Is a slow acting power stone. Helps in manifesting one’s true self and resists being influenced by others or conforming to the norm. When combined with Ruby it enhances its abilities. 

It also has the benefit of transforming destructive emotions and urges into constructive ones. 

This sounds like the definition of freedom.

Position: Wear or place on the body in contact with the skin where appropriate. Wear for extended periods of time as it is a slow acting stone.

Happy Independence Day

I know I’m looking forward to celebrating another independence day. Though there have been many attacks of freedom in the past few years, and even months, this holiday that we celebrate on July 4th reminds us of the indomitable spirit of those who fought so hard and died for our independence. 

And while I hope I never have to make the ultimate sacrifice, I like the idea that there are items in nature that can help us to work on our individual battles. Help us to find freedom from our doubts, our fears, our past trauma, or even from our own foibles. 

Even if it only gives us something to focus on in our mediation. When it comes to healing, if it doesn’t hurt, and it might help, then why not try it. 

Comment below with your favorite stone or crystal resource.

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