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Saving Habitats One Forest At A Time

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day was March 3, 2022. While I might be a little late to the game on this holiday it got me to thinking. 

Why do we raise money for reforestation? 

I mean yes, we here at Dancing Tree Gifts love trees. 

Obviously we love trees. Most of our products are inspired by trees. We love the way they look, the way they sound when the wind blows through their branches, the way the smell. 

Trees are life. 

They give us fruit and nuts. Essential oils, paper products, we use them to build houses and furniture. They even give us medicinal resources. 

But what’s more, is they are homes to others too. 

It’s not just about trees. 

A huge part of reforestation in the restoration of destroyed natural habitats for the native wildlife. 

Birds, squirrels, beetles, spiders, skunks, deer, moose, bob cats, mountain lions, bears,  and countless more make their homes in our national forest and other wildlife areas. 

The past few years we have had many forest fires that have been both awesome and terrible in their destruction. 

Millions of animals and hundreds of people have lost their homes, and in many cases their lives. 

I grew up in the mountains. My whole life I have lived in either the Rockies or the Sierra’s and it breaks my heart every year that is see the pictures of the scorched land. 

Several of the recent fires have burned intense enough that it sterilized the land. Not even the jack pine, which requires fire to germinate their seeds, could grow. 

This Is Where You Come In 

It was due to this type of devastation that led Dancing Tree Gifts to partner with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). 

Together we have been able to assist in the planting of more than 2000 trees, shrubs and other flora native to the national forests. 

This in turn allows for the restoration of animal habitats. 

But we can’t do this alone. 

And this is where you come in. 

We are dedicated to creating awesome products that uplift our customers, bring families together, and help with energetic healing. 

But what’s more, we are dedicated to giving 10% of all proceeds to the NFF to aide in reforestation and animal habitats restoration. 

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you love the forests and the recent forest fires have hurt your heart too. You love to hike, climb, go camping, and hunt. 

And you want to see your beloved forest restored to their beauty and grander. You want to continue to spend time in nature and to have your kids, grandkids, and friends enjoy it with you. 

And you want to teach your children and grandchildren that we are caretakers of this wonderful world. 

You can teach them with a unique and handcrafted tree of life from Dancing Tree Gifts. 

And if you want a custom design, maybe something with a hidden owl?

Contact Kay and she’ll help you craft something amazing and special. 

Let’s work together to build habitats for wildlife, and restore recreation for the rest of us. 

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