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Healing The Earth One Tree At A Time

How Reforestation Is Changing The World. 

We at Dancing Tree Gifts are dedicated to healing damaged national forest through reforestation partnerships. 

Basically we love trees, we love connecting with others who love trees and understand what an important roll trees play in our lives. 

But to understand why forest are important it’s also important to understand some of the challenges that trees face.

Ways in which forest are damaged. 

Like us they are living organisms and are susceptible to a variety of conditions which can damage or kill them. Conditions such as plagues, harmful insect infestations, invasive species, severe weather conditions, and of course wildfires. 

In the last decade alone the U.S. has suffered a number of devastating forest fires. Fires that have not only claimed thousands of acres of forests, but also homes, businesses, and lives.

While some forest fires are started by man, many are started by lightening. When started by lightening it is considered a natural event. 

But not all forest fires are bad. In many instances it simply scorches the trees, clears the underbrush, and activates fire-activated seeds.

That’s right!

Some plants require fire for their seeds to grow, which means naturally occurring forest fires are a healthy part of that ecosystem. 

Wildfires become a problem when the fires burn so hot that they kill the mature plants, many animals, and prevent any seedlings from growing.

While it may not be considered a complete sterilization of the forest, extreme heat from forest fires can leave an ecosystem altered. 

A staggering 80% of reforestation needs are due to wildfires

While the other challenges that our national forests face are a potentially problematic, nothing damages a forest as fast or has such potentially devastating effects as a wildfire. 

Why this matters? 

Clean Air

Every year trees remove tons of CO2 emission and other pollutants from the air. Improving air quality for us all.

I don’t know about you, but I like to breathe, and breathing fresh unpolluted air is a rare treat these days. 

What’s really astounding is that it only takes about forty trees to cancel out one persons carbon footprint. 

Can anyone say private forest?

Since I’ll probably end up living in a suburb to a city, cause that’s where I live now and kinda like it, that’s not likely to happen. But I digress. 

There are plenty of other ways we can plant trees and help the earth. 

Clean Soil and Water

Let’s not stop at just having clean air. Trees also filter the soil and put nutrients into the ground aiding in the forest fertility. The more fertile the soil, the more trees, and other plants, a forest can sustain. Creating a biologically diverse ecosystem.  

Forest that have been damaged don’t have these protections and are at risk for harmful erosion that can taint our water via lakes, rivers, and streams.

Water is literally the life blood of our planet, and we ourselves are made mostly of the liquid, keeping it clean is definitely a priority. 

Basically trees are natural filters.

It’s almost like we have a semi-symbiotic relationship with them. They breathe in what we breath out. We breathe in what they breathe out.

Some trees grow food which sustains not only insects and animals but also us.

Also, trees are a big part of what protects the soil and water. Both of which we need. 

The more I learn about trees the more in love with them I become. 

Safe places to recreate 

Reforestation efforts are not just to heal the planet, though that is a big part. It’s also to allow us humans a relatively safe place to recreate and reconnect with nature. 

As any nature lover will tell you there is nothing like being outside. Whether you prefer to sit on your front lawn, hike among the trees, or fearlessly scale cliffs. There’s just something that is so energizing about being in nature. 

And there’s something about trees. 

Not only do they provide us clean air to breath, but they help cool area’s down by providing shade. 

If you’ve ever gone hiking or mountain biking in areas with trees and then moved into a spot that is rocky and only has low shrubs, you immediately feel the difference. While some may have high tolerance for heat not everyone does, I know I don’t, so having shady places to explore is ideal. 

So many ways that helping the Earth via reforestation is helping us. 

How we are doing our part.

Here at Dancing Tree Gifts we have put our money where our mouth is and have partnered with the National Forest Foundation where every dollar donated plants a tree. 

That’s it, one dollar = one tree. 

Since starting our partnership last fall we, and I’m including you in this we, have donated almost $1000. That’s almost 1000 trees. 

I’m simply blown away by how awesome you all are in helping us reach such an amazing number so quickly. 

How can you help. 

Supporting Dancing Tree Gifts supports reforestation, but that’s not the only way you can get involve. 

Tree planting parties, trail maintenance, national park clean up etc all require lots of manual labor:

So volunteering or organizing service projects is a perfect way to help.  

It’s okay if you don’t live near a national forest. You can also plant trees and do service projects in your local areas.

Every tree planted helps filter pollutants out of the air, which is good for both us and for the Earth. But be sure to plant trees that are native to your area, they will grow and flourish the best. 

It’s a beautiful day…

May we all remember that we have only one home and it’s up to us to take care of it as best we can.

We as humans haven’t always understood the impact that we have on the planet. Thankfully we now are starting to get a better understanding as we live through the consequences of choices made by others. 

Which leaves us with two choices: To sit around pointing blame at who or what trashed our home, or we can be active participants in finding a solution to the problem. 

I vote on the latter. Being mad takes too much energy. Energy better spent doing something positive. 

Like stepping back and focusing on the good we can do by coming together to heal the parts of the planet that are in our ability to heal.

Then we realize what a huge difference we can all make. 

And it starts with one tree at a time.   

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