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Is The Four Leaf Clover Mysterious, Lucky, Or Something More?

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a doctor, herbal healer, or practicing witch. While I do engage in my own forms of energy healing I am not giving advice. I hope you enjoy reading this post as I had fun writing it. 

St. Patty’s Day and the Shamrock.

The four leaf clover is a genetic variation of the three leaf clover, also known as the Irish shamrock. 

As the story goes, St. Patrick used the three leaves of the clover when teaching his students and others about the Holy Trinity. Thus helping to spread the christian faith through object lessons easy enough for all to understand. 

So how does that connect to the four leaf clover?

That’s simple: It is a continuation of the lesson on the holy trinity with some added concepts. 

According to folklore each leaf has its own meaning. 

The first leaf is for hope.

The second leaf is for faith

The third leaf is for love.

The fourth leaf brings luck to the finder. 

In this instance the idea of ‘luck’ is referring to being in the graces of God.

There have been many meanings attributed to the finding of a four leaf clover. Luck being the most prevalent.

Either way, it sounds like a fascinating plant to seek out. 

Are The Odds In Your Favor?

clover leaves

When I was a little girl living in the mountains of Montana my siblings and I often spent most of our days outdoors, running wild and free. I think now the term is ‘open range children’ which is an odd phrase as it implies children are like chickens. 

That’s just weird. 

However, I did once find a four leaf clover. I thought it the coolest thing and I plucked it and preserved it in a plastic sandwich bag. At least in my mind it was preserved. A few months later when I pulled out my treasure and found nothing but dried up green dust I realized that I had been mistaken. 

I haven’t found one since, but I also don’t spend as much time investigating clover patches. I’ve always assumed that four leaf clovers are very rare, making my find so special. 

And they are rare. Roughly 1 in 5,000. 

However there are those who breed or cultivate clovers, especially white colvers, with the four leaf variant just so they can collect the four leaf clover. 

I believe the record for the most collected in a lifetime is 160,000! Now that was a determined clover hunter. 

And apparently there are types of competitions as the world record for the most clovers collected in an hour was set on June 23, 2018 by American Katie Borka. Her determined hunting rewarded her with 166 four leaf clovers. 

So while the odds may be against you just stumbling across one, if you know where to look, you can greatly increase your odds, and maybe even your luck. 

The Mysterious

pot of gold at end of rainbow

It is commonly believed by some that the four leaf clover has magical properties. Some believe those who find it will be gifted with being able to see fairies. 

Others believe that it is useful in incantations. 

 “A description from 1869 says that four-leaf clovers were ‘gathered at night-time during the full moon by sorceresses, who mixed it with vervain and other ingredients, while young girls in search of a token of perfect happiness made quest of the plant by day’”

Now I’m assuming that the sorceresses mentioned above are benevolent as the clover, and especially the four leaf varieties, were used to protect people and animals from malevolent witches and fairies. 

It can also be used to break spells and is believed to be a powerful talisman to help protect one’s marriage and fertility. 

Red clover has been used during a ritual bath time to bring the bather wealth and prosperity. (This one I may have to try.) 

It can help heal a broken heart, protect the wearer from evil spirits and madness, strengthen’s psychic connections,  and lead one to prosperity, money or gold. 

 I’m seeing why this is so closely linked to leprechauns. I may have to do a separate post just about the magic and mysteries of the clover. 

Overall, super useful to have in and around one’s home. Maybe you’re not after increased fertility (probably have to use it a very specific way) but here’s a few tips for its use. 

To chase out unwanted ghosts, wash the floors with clover. 

To break spells, place in a satchel or pouch and hang in the four corners of your home or property. 

To invite prosperity: place in the left shoe and forget. 

The Science

red clover

The four leaf clover is a genetic mutation of a three leaf clover. The three leaf clover such as the white clover, purple clover, strawberry clover, etc are all part of the trifolium family. Tri meaning three, and folium meaning leaf. 

They make up about 300 species and are quite common in many places around the world. Clover is an excellent land healing plant due to it’s ability to add nutrients such as when used in green manuring. It also helps to aerate the soil and keep weeds at bay. 

Clover is highly attractive to honey bees and other healthy insects and polynators which can help any yard or gardens overall health. 

Best of all, clover is edible. You can add it to teas, salads, or smoothies. 

I love me a nice versatile plant. 

Best Time To Hunt

About the “night-time gathering” of the sorceress mentioned above. They would have done better to have the young girls gather for them as the clover tends to fold up it’s leaves an hour before sunset. This makes it harder to see the number. 

Your best bet for finding a four leaf clover then is during the day. 

And because it is a genetic mutation where you find one you may find more, thus increasing your odds. 

Pro Tip: Described as one of those eye puzzles at the doctor’s place, you want to relax your eyes when peering at a clover patch, then look for the right shape. 

The Lucky 

four leaf clover in a hand

So you’ve found your four leaf clover. This means you’ve been blessed by God or the Universe, or both. 

What will you do with your luck? What are you hoping for? 

Perhaps there are many tales of great accomplishments after finding a four leaf clover. For myself, I would prefer the more subtle and less obvious forms of good fortune. 

Such as happiness in my relationships, health in my body and mind, and joy in my life despite the hardships. 

While I don’t believe any one plant can cure my life of it’s ills and woes, I love the hope and excitement surrounding the clover. Both the trefoil and quatrefoil varieties. 

To bless you in your day here’s a little recipe for a potentially lucky beverage.

Red Clover Lemonade 

red clover tea in clear cup on white background

3cups red clover blooms

4 cups water

1 ¼ cups lemon juice

4 tablespoons honey

Pinch of salt (optional) 

Boil the blooms and water for 5-7 minutes: Strain the petals from the water and add the lemon juice and honey. Stir to fully incorporate. Chill for one to two hours and serve over ice. 

I like to add a pinch of salt to help bring out the flavor and add beneficial electrolytes. I prefer pink hymalayn salt. Enjoy. 


Happy Hunting

The clover in your area may not be in full bloom by the time Saint Patrick’s Day rolls around. I know mine aren’t. 

However, that doesn’t have to deter you from your hunt. You can purchase clover plants at your local nursery or garden center. 

If you’re lucky, you may find one that has the four leaf variant allowing you to have a little luck all year round. 

Comment below if you’ve ever found a four leaf clover, or how you like the red clover lemonade. 

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