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Mother Nature Got A Little Frosty On Folks

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When Hell...I Mean The South Freezes Over. 

I’m sure there are some people who live on this planet who have not yet heard of the strange weather that the southern United States has endured this past week. 

But for the rest of us we went from mildly entertained:

 “Look frost in southern Texas! Enjoy your two seconds of cold” to “Holy Sh!t” to utterly speechless. 

I live in northern Utah, so mild to heavy snowfall is normal. We have the equipment and infrastructure to withstand cold weather, even fairly heavy freezes. 

And yes, I’ve laughed at a few of the memes, understanding that when things get rough many of us deal with life’s trials through laughter. 

But before we dive into the speculation on how this amazing, almost once in a lifetime event has occurred (and there’s lots of fun speculation) we’re gonna take a brief time-out. 

A Moment Of Respect

Like I said above, those of us in the north at first felt a little humor in the initial cold. My sister Kay lives in southern texas and is usually posting nice warm sunny pics while we are digging ourselves out of snow. 

But as the temperatures continued to drop and reports of the wind turbines seizing up and a swath of power outages across the south and midwest started to occur, the smiles quickly fled. 

I believe we collectively started to hold our breaths for those stranded in the dark and the cold. 

Caught completely unprepared for severe winter conditions many people have suffered severe damage to their homes via burst pipes. 

Many are sleeping in their cars and trucks to stay warm, and some in an effort to warm their homes with grills and camp stoves, have died due to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Not to mention the many who have died or been injured in automotive pile ups on the icy roads. 

Our hearts and prayers go to all who have been affected by this arctic weather. I know that words can never be enough to comfort those who have lost so much and who have suffered the physical and mental strain of living through a natural disaster. 

I pray you all who have lost loved ones will find some measure of peace and comfort in the coming days and weeks. 

The Arctic Freeze Possible Causes

So there are a lot of causes to this natural polar vortex phenomenon, or at least a lot of speculation, and even some conspiracies. 

Possible Cause number one: Government Controlled Weather via Cloud Seeding

So this one is my personal favorite and at first it sounds like a wacky conspiracy theory but let’s take a good look at it. 

According to Wikipedia (which is never wrong) cloud seeding is a thing. It’s a weather modification technique whereby substances are dispersed into the air by planes (think chemtrails), ground generators, or rockets. 

Pretty sophisticated.

The goal is to increase precipitation, rain or snow. But I guess hail would fall under that category too. 

And while its effectiveness has been debatable, if there was any done over the last couple of weeks, combined with mother nature, that could have caused this extreme weather across our country.  At least that’s the theory.

There’s even a fun little video on youtube produced by Disney in the 1950s. You can view that HERE

Possible Cause Two: Chemtrails. 

So I mentioned chemtrails to give you an idea of cloud seeding but it’s actually it’s own possible cause. It’s widely discredited as a conspiracy theory that goes something like this. 

The long lasting condensation trails left behind by high flying plans are full of toxic chemicals released into the atmosphere for nefarious reasons. 

However, some may argue that cloud seeding is the same as chemtrails. It’s also possible that it’s just condensation but if my car exhaust is anything like what’s left in those condensation trails, then it’s definitely adding to the pollution problem. But that’s another conversation. 

Interesting to note, there is a large chemtrail following, there’s even one on twitter you can view it HERE

Possible Cause Three: High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

Officially it’s used for studying the ionosphere, how it works and exciting ions via radio transmissions. I’ll be honest, I don’t understand all of the scientific jargon but it seems to me that they claim to study the aurora phenomenon and try to better understand the function of the ionosphere. 

 It is owned by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, but was funded by the U.S. Airforce, the U.S. Navy, Defence Advanced Research Projects (DARP). 

It is believed by many that HAARP is able to control or affect the weather when it stimulates the ionosphere. If this is possible that particular research is not available on wikipedia.

Technically climate warfare is illegal thanks to Operation Popeye, but I guess what we really need to understand is, is it possible?

Unless the people at HAARP or other agencies,  make a formal announcement that all the conspiracy theories are fact, or at least some, we won’t really know.  

Operation Popeye and Lasers

In the 1960s the US government seeded monsoons over Vietnam in the effort to extend the monsoon season so as to run interference with the Vietcong. The results are up for debate. Some claim it worked and that the government has been using this as not only a method for increasing rainfall in times of drought but also  as a weapon. 

Others claim it was just the natural monsoon season for the time. 

However, we are in a new age and we don’t need some old fashioned cloud seeding attempts. We need lasers!

In an interview given on CBS in 2013 physics professor Michio Kaku said that in their experiments in the laboratory, they have had high success with trillion watt lasers condensing water molecules into rain and even producing lightning.

While past weather control efforts have been inconclusive these experiments appear to have the ability to take seed water clouds and turn them into rain, or snow, producing clouds. 

Real science at work. Breaking up molecules and helping them to attract others and making weather events like rain and lightening. 

That’s cool.

 I want to watch one of those experiments. 

Why chase a storm when you can just make one?

Back To Our Polar Vortex

While all of the above is fun to consider and to speculate, according to meteorologists polar vortexes are a natural phenomenon. There is always some arctic air swirling around the arctic regions.

The word vortex is referring to the counter clockwise motion. Come winter it can slip down into warmer regions, like a wave crashing on the beach. 

Only this wave is freezing cold air that interacts with warmer air and causes weather patterns we like to watch from a distance. 

Like the international space station. 

It follows the jet stream and moves around the earth affecting a wide area. 

This is nothing new. In Utah, where I live, we get at least one every winter. It’s rare for us to not have the arctic air sweeping across us. We’ve had them with and without precipitation. 

What makes this one so exceptional is how low the jet streams were pushed down and the extreme drop in temperature resulting in record lows across the country. 

Science Vs Reality

Science is interesting as it’s viewed from a disassociated point of view. Weather is a wonderful phenomenon that we as a species have tried to control with dances, spells, and technology. 

But it’s only when we look a little closer to see how we are so connected to nature. We need certain weather patterns like rain, sunshine, and warm growing seasons to live. Snow packs in the mountains provide water during the hot summers. 

But there is also a tremendous power that mother nature often wields and yet we always believe that it’ll never happen to us, until it does. When she turns that power in our direction it is both terrifying and humbling. 

As the weather turns back into its normal late winter patterns and starts to warm into spring. As the power is restored, pushing back the cold and the dark, hopefully we can all find common ground and help to heal the areas most widely affected by this storm. 

Again our thoughts and prayers are with all who have suffered the most in this weather event. 

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