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3 Things To Make Mom Smile

How To Shower You Mother With Love And Appreciation

Mother’s day is just around the corner and with it being the second Sunday in May it tends to sneak up on us. At least I know it does for me. 

So to help you prepare for mother’s day here are our Top Three Gift Ideas. 

1. Give the Gift of Time

For mothers with young children, give her time to herself. It doesn’t have to be all day, cause she probably wouldn’t want that, but make a few hours available. Allow her some guilt free time to just do whatever she wants. 

For the mothers with older children, spend time with her. It’s so easy to let our lives get so busy that we sometimes forget that the best present we can give someone is our presence.

So turn off the electronics, pull out the board games or other prefered family activity and spend time with your mom. Talk, laugh and create those memories that can only be created by spending time with one another.  

The best part about giving the gift of time is you can give it all year long. 

I know what you’re thinking, what about the stay home recommendations regarding the pandemics?

Where permitted, and if all parties feel it’s safe to do so, spending the day together is awesome. 

But this year it might not be possible. Thank goodness for modern day technology.

If you’re not able to be with your mother, then you can still video chat and see your mom. Plan a time that works best for you and her, gather the grand kids around for as long as they are willing, and spend that time together. 

Mom will love seeing everyone even if she can’t give them all hugs and kisses, yet. Don’t worry, she’ll store them up for when you can all have your summer bbq. 

2. Give The Gift of Jewelry 

For those who can’t be with their mother on Mother’s Day then I recommend the Sterling Silver Family Birthstone Tree of Life as the perfect gift. In this timeless piece of artistry you can gather all her children into one place. And in today’s world that’s an achievement in and of itself.

As a beautiful tribute to families, these pendants are designed to be worn close to one’s heart and are a tangible reminder to mom on how much she has given and how much she has received. 

3. Give the Gift of…something Unique

Every woman is unique. Which means every mother is unique. She has her own unique wants and needs. This Mothers Day, try to fulfill a want or a need for the mothers in your life. 

Here is a list of ideas: 

  • Buy or Build her a playground for her young children
  • Help her build a raised garden bed. 
  • Buy her the exercise equipment she’s always wanted and help her build up her home gym. (my personal favorite) 
  • Send her on a shopping trip to refresh her closet.
  • Clean and organize her garage, shed, basement, attic, or any other space that is in need of a little TLC
  • Send her on a weekly trip to be a tourist in her own backyard. 
  • Help her make time for her hobbies. 
  • Help her get a hobby (moms need outlets too)
  • Help her with her interior design by buying some home decor ( I recommend these beautiful Tree of Life wall decor)
  • Take her on a spontaneous getaway
  • Get her the updated family pictures she’s been wanting
  • Help her with her home improvement goals whether it be tile repair or painting walls.  
  • Flowers. Many flower shops are still taking orders and doing doorstep drop offs. I know they’re a little cheesy but a lot of moms still love to get flowers on mother’s day. 

Not every option may be available this year due to our current world health situation, and that’s okay. Think of it as an opportunity to be creative, and as any mom will tell you it’s the thought that counts. 

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