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Popular Rose Colors and Their Significance.

Disclaimer: This post is intended for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy. 

Sub Rosa AKA Under The Rose

Time to take a little detour from our love of trees and explore some other wonders of nature. 

There are many beautiful flora and fauna in the world, there are none quite so captivating as the rose. 

The rose, with it’s many colors and cultivars, have transfixed the human imagination for centuries. 

In fact the rose is part of a language: the language of flowers. Every flower has special significance, and the rose is no different. The rose may be one of the most versatile flowers for sending messages, secret or otherwise, due to its many hues. 

At one time a wild rose would be placed at the door behind which a secret meeting was taking place. This created the latin term sub rosa or under the rose. The term is also used when discussing matters best left secret. 

Roses have been made into family emblems, signet rings, and even our own nature inspired Rose Ring

Every color has a meaning, and when paired together, messages are created. 

Five Popular Colors and Their Meanings

  1. White Roses- Humility, Innocence and Purity. 
  2. Yellow Roses- Friendship and Joy
  3. Orange Roses- Enthusiasm, and passion
  4. Pink Roses- Gratitude, grace, appreciation and admiration.
  5. Red Roses- Symbolize love, desire, and enduring passion. 

Bonus: White Lilac and Purple Roses- Enchantment and love at first sight. 

I had to throw in the bonus color. When I was a child we lived for a short time in a house with a rose garden. There were lilac or lavender colored roses, pink roses, yellow roses, and red roses. But it was the light purple hues that caught my fancy. Their color was intriguing and they had the best smell. 

Rose Fact Break

  • The Rose is the United States National Flower
  • Rose fossils that are estimated to be 35 million years old have been found.
  • The oldest living rose is over 100 years old and lives on a wall at the Hildesheim 

Let Me Count The Ways….

Paired with the meaning of numbers and you can create a truly significant arrangement. 

Here is a sampling of some rose numbers and their meanings when gifted to someone significant. 

1 Rose– Love at first sight or if given later in a relationship, you’re still the one. 

3 Roses– means I love you

5 Roses– Let’s someone know they are very special and mean a lot to you. 

7 Roses– this number signifies infatuation. 

9 Roses– Symbolizes eternal love

12 Roses– is a way to ask someone to be yours. It’s also symbolic of perfection as it ties in with 12 months of the year, 12 hours of the day, and 12 zodiac signs. 

24 Roses– Let’s someone know they are always on your mind. 

50 Roses– Means unconditional love. 

100 Roses– a gesture of lasting devotion. 

Rose Fact Break

  • Rose petals are edible and can be added to many dishes though popular in salads. 
  • Rose water (made from soaking petals) can be made into jams or jellies and is often added to Chinese and Indian cuisines. 
  • Rose hips is a small fruit produced by roses and is packed with vitamin C. It can be made into jams, dried and made into tea, or used in cocktails. 

The Sacred Rose Connection

As we learned above roses have been around for a very long time. They ignite our senses and our imagination. We’ve given them meaning based on number and color. So it’s no surprise that there is also a spiritual connection to roses. 

The connection runs deep and there are many facets to it. So let’s look at just a few of those intimate spiritual connections

Angels and Roses: Those meditating or communing with angels have often reported the scent of roses. The scent of roses is considered sacred by many religions. 

Rose Vibrations: Roses are said to vibrate a very high energy giving them soothing, and purportedly, healing qualities when used in energy healing. 

The Mystic Rose: In some cases, such as miracles involving the virgin Mary, roses are said to appear after her visitations. 

Roses are a sign of miraculous love at work in the world. They are symbols of the human soul and expressions of spiritual joy. 

Rose Fact Break

  • There are 300 species and tens of thousands of cultivars
  • Can grow in erect shrubs, climbing, or trailing. 
  • OGR (Old Garden Variety) Roses, also called Antique Roses, are roses grown prior to 1867 and have a one time seasonal bloom. Many modern hybrid roses, such as Floribunda and Grandiloa, bloom in waves throughout late spring into early fall. 

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Roses are often the first image that comes to mind when one thinks of flowers. And now we can see why. 

Rich in history, symbolism, and sacred meaning, it is clear how the rose has made its way into the hearts of mankind. 

Roses have inspired sonnets, stories, and songs. They have represented wars, the hearts of men in secret meetings. 

They are even the inspiration for our own elegantly made Rose Rings. Definitely, an awesome way to have this intriguing piece of nature as a part of your daily life. 

I know they are my favorite flower and I look forward to my next bouquet, especially now that I know the significance of the number and color. 

What hidden message will be in your next arrangement? Write below in the comments. 

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