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Mystical Midnight Moon Tree of Life Wire Bonsai Sculpture


The Enchanted Forest Collection Presents…

Mystical Midnight Moon Dancing Tree of Life Sculpture

She is a little spunky with a fun surprise…

Stored in the box she is mounted on you will find a second crystal ball and a wooden stand

One crystal ball  is clear and bright, and the other one is black as night

This One-of-a-Kind collector’s item is only available for a limited time, Order Now!



  • Enamel Coated Copper Wire
  • Black Glass Ball
  • Clear Crystal Ball
  • Wooden Box
  • Love


  • 7.5 inches in height~~~This is Art… Art is subjective…. it only has the meaning that the observer infers upon it.  It will mean a million different things to a million different individuals~~


Only 1 left in stock


Mystical Midnight Moon Dancing Tree of Life Wire Sculpture

The  Mystical Midnight Moon Dancing Tree of Life is inspired by The Tree of Life which is an ancient symbol used to represent knowledge, long life, prosperity, and posterity.

Connecting families from generations past to generations future.

Mystical Midnight Moon Dancing Tree symbolizes characteristics that are strong enough to weather life storms but flexible enough not to break.

Looking for more…

Mystical Midnight Moon Dancing Tree of Life is mounted on a charcoal color treasure box measuring 2x2x3.5 inches
Inside you will find a wooden stand and a second crystal ball.
The box is lined with purple color felt.

Each Wire Bonsai Sculpture is a One-Of-A-Kind, unique in design and composition.


We Give Back

We donate 10% of all proceeds to the reforestation of our National Forests.

The last few years have seen an unimaginable amount of damage to the beautiful forests, destroying the lives and homes of both people and animals.

We seek to help restore our national forests’ ecosystems so that people and animals can once more enjoy the serenity of our beautiful and diverse forests.


  • Enamel Coated Copper Wire
  • Glass Ball
  • Wooden Box
  • Love


  • 7.5 inches in height


  • FREE First Class Domestic Shipping


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