Rainbow Eucalyptus tree zoomed in on the colorful bark
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Spotlight: The Unbelievable Colors Of The Rainbow Eucalyptus

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment only. Hope you enjoy the information provided herein. 

Multi-Chromatic Trees.

When you think of eucalyptus trees you probably think about koalas and green leaves. Maybe the nice refreshing smell will spring to your mind. 

I’m guessing that rainbows don’t spring to mind. But they should.

Eucalyptus Deglupta aka The Rainbow Eucalyptus

Also known as the mindanao gum or rainbow gum, this remarkable tree can soar up to heights of 250 ft. 

The rainbow eucalyptus is also one of four species to be found outside of Australia.  It can be found in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. 

It is a fast growing tree, combined with its colorful striations,  making it a popular choice for botanical gardens from Hawaii to Florida, and many frost free places in between. 

However it is not recommended for the average homeowner as it’s footprint is far too large and it’s roots have been known to damage structures, sidewalks and more. It is best suited to wide open areas where it has room to grow and provide shade and a sweet scent to those around. 

Almost Too Real to Believe

When I first saw photos of the rainbow eucalyptus I thought for sure they had been photoshopped. No way can a tree look like it’s bleeding paint, like some colorful modern art piece. Or a Van Gogh forest. Maybe there’s something to impressionism, after all. 

But it’s true. 

As the bark sheds off in small strips it reveals a bright green underside. This color gradually changes over time to blue, purple, orange, and maroon. Since the bark doesn’t all shed at once the different striations will have aged at different rates, thus giving the rainbow tree it’s remarkable coloring. 

More Than Just Eye Candy. 

Like many eucalyptus trees, the rainbow eucalyptus leaves can be harvested and steamed to distill the essential oils. The oil has been traditionally used for oral hygiene, respiratory illnesses, coughs, colds, bronchitis, fungal infections, and skin wounds.

I personally have added a few drops of oil to a diffuser as well as to baths,  as the scent is very soothing. 

The rainbow eucalyptus is also a popular cultivar for pulp, especially in the Philippines, where it is made into paper. 

Kind of exciting to think that any of the white pieces of paper in my office might have once been a rainbow tree. 

The leaves can also be used in energetic cleansings,  not sure how this would work, but those into energy cleaning can drop me a line and fill me in. 

The wood has also been used to make didgeridoos, a traditional Australian Aboriginal wind instrument. 

Coolest Little Tree In the Pot

Almost any tree can be a bonsai, and that goes for the rainbow eucalyptus as well.

Since it needs to be in a warm moist climate, a bonsai is a great answer for those who would love to have their own rainbow tree but live where there is frost or not a lot of moisture. 

Crazy that it’s both recommended for large expansive gardens and bonsai.

Blows my mind. Then again the art of bonsai has me both baffled and intimidated. 

If bonsai is too intimidating for you too, we do have our own little rainbow tree here at Dancing Tree Gifts. 

Short, Sweet, and To The Point. 

Well there you have it. The rainbow eucalyptus has some amazingly inspiring qualities. The photos of them makes me want to pick up my paint brush again and get to work. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. 

Comment below if you’ve seen or if you have one of these beautiful trees in your life. 

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