Vibration, Energy, Frequency and crystal healing
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Vibration, Energy, Frequency and YOU!

I came across this quote earlier this year and I immediately felt it’s impact.

It’s the simplest, yet most complete way of describing the world around us.

Just think everything is energy.

Matter is a type of energy.

And energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but transmuted into something else.

All energy vibrates at a specific frequency.

That’s why we call it being on the same wave length as someone else when we have a similar thought.

This is one of the many reasons we create our Tree of Life art work with real crystals.

Some of you understand the significance and innate power of crystals but for those that poo poo at the notion let me explain.


Remember how I mentioned all things are just energy?

If you study items on a molecular level you will see their atomic composition. This then will let you see how they vibrate.

You can then record that vibration in a frequency.

I remember seeing computer animated representations of this science in my 8th grade science class.

That image has always stuck with me, but it wasn’t until recently that I knew why.

Crystal Vibrations

Custom Rainbow Pendant with matching Leaf drop earrings

One of the best thing about working with crystals is feeling their vibrations and having them interact with my own.

Crystals innately try to raise ones vibrational awareness, but like anything it only has the ability to affect you if you believe it can.

Your mind is your most powerful instrument and it can allow you to access anything you believe.

Isn’t that amazing! 

Focus the Mind

Many cultures use tactile objects such as Pendants and Ornaments to help them to focus their mind on what it is they want to achieve. 

Loosely this is called mediation. 

But it’s so much more than that. It’s a constant reminder of our connections with the Earth. 

It’s a reminder of our ability to create and affect our environment. 

And it all starts with vibrations. 

Next time I’ll go into the vibrational energies of the crystals and gemstones that we use here at Dancing Tree Gifts. 

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Let’s spread the message of positivity with all we come across, and like a stone tossed in a pool, the ripples will affect all who come in contact. 

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